What to do Hair Falling Out Due To Illness and Surgery

In most cases, hair loss is related to hereditary and the imbalance of hormone within the body. Sometimes, underlying disease and surgery are the others cause of hair falling out. How to prevent hair from falling depend on which cause it is. Read on to learn about know why and what to do when hair falling out because of illness and surgery.

What to do Hair Falling Out Due To Illness and Surgery

Why Can Surgery and Diseases Cause Hair Loss?

While you are suffering from an illness, some essential nutrients and supplement go missing because of the disease. As a result, the immune system gets weakened which lead to the imbalance of hormone within the body, which is related to hair loss.

For instance, skin disorder is one of the most common diseases which can cause hair loss. When a patient is having skin disorders, the nutrients, minerals and supplements are also lost rapidly in the hair and scalp. Hair loss might be the warning alert of the body about more severe diseases like cancer, lupus or diabetes and other conditions.

Surgery, especially major surgery can also cause hair loss. Initially, hair will fall out as the side effect of the disease, plus the overwhelming tension can make your hair shed more than usual, especially in the big surgery. Some kinds of surgery itself cause temporary hair loss, such as chemotherapy.

What Should You Do?

If the cause of hair loss is related to illness and surgery, hair loss will discontinue as you recover. Once the hormones balance within the body is set again, hair will start to grow back. It takes from 4 to 6 months before your hair become thick and healthy again.

Hair loss after surgery is only temporary due to the imbalance within the body so it is important to be fully recovered. Live healthy and eat healthy to obtain more nutrients, mineral for the body. It is the best way to stimulate hair and scalp become healthy again. Having detox diet help the body gets rid of any toxic left and rebalance the hormone internally. The health of hair depends on your health.