Weight Loss: The Advantage of Being Men

For a long time, it has been a lot of debates about the difference between men and women in weight loss. From my point of view, men are easier to lose weight than women for some reasons. To make it clear, it is not that easy for men to lose weight either. Does lack of energy play any role in weight loss? Read on to learn more.

The main culprit for being weight gain

Weight Loss: The Advantage of Being Men

The main culprit of being weight gain is loss of lean muscle mass, which is everything inside your body beside fat. Loss of lean muscle mass occurs in both men and women, especially when they get older. The older we get, the less we move. Therefore, our joint become inflexible and our muscle become loosen, fat take over those “crevice” which supposed to be lean muscle mass.

This process is slow and you might not even notice it. At the same time, it slows down your metabolism and you are easy to gain weight.

Lack of energy is another culprit for losing weight control. Normally, the more you feel lack of energy, the more you do not want to do anything, especially workout, which is a vicious cycle for your weight.

What Should You Do To Keep Your Body In Good Shape?

Doing exercise, having healthy diet will help you build up your lean muscle mass and stay in a good shape.

Eating small and frequent meals per day will be healthier than eating 3 big meals. Taking many calories at the same time is not good for your metabolism. By dividing calories into small meals, your body can metabolize it quickly and efficiently.

When your metabolism works well, your body will have more energy and it will be easier for you to stay in a good shape and build more muscle at the same time. If you want to control your weight, all you need to do to work out regularly eat healthy.

Do Men Have More Advantage in Weight Loss than Women

Everybody needs to work out to keep themselves in a good shape. However, unlike men, women’s hormones are very different which are not supportive in work out. Therefore, it is harder for women to lose weight.

Hormone is the main reason why men have more advantage in weight loss than women. Overall, we are all the same, both man and women have to face with the similar problem in weight control. However, if you have patience with exercise and having healthy diet, it doesn’t matter whether you are man or women.