Some Tricks to Deal with Split Ends and Dry Hair

Split ends on hair are one of the worst conditions for hair problem, especially for girls. Split ends can happen to any part of your hair, but it is often seen at the tips of the hair. Split ends will stop hair growth and making your hair dry. What cause split end and how to prevent it? Read on to learn more.

Main Causes of Spit Ends

Split hair is the splitting of hair fiber. There are many possible causes for split ends such as the weather, environmental factor, continuous dyeing hair, brush hair in the wrong way etc.

Hot air, dry weather and others environmental factors can lead to the hair’s dehydration. Your hair will become easy to break as it is too dry. Brush hair in the wrong way can be another reason. You damage your own hair by brush hair when it is wet or using wrong comb. Dyeing hair frequently as well as using too much chemicals on hair can also lead to hair damage and split ends. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent split ends and make it silky, shinning.

Split Ends Treatments

It is not necessary to go to hair beauty salon every week to make your hair look great. You can take care of your dry, damaged hair and split ends by some simple tips at home.

Because split ends cannot recover, it is prevent hair growth and result to break hair, clip them off. You can cut split ends at home by yourself. Split your hair into small sections and twirl them gently in downward motion in order to split ends become split out. Cut the damaged part with a sharp scissors. Remove the outermost part of the hair shaft. After removing the damaged hair sections, start to take care of the rest.

Your hair needs protein to grow. I will show you a very useful protein-shake for hair. Applying the mixture of 2 spoon of soy protein powder, a cup of milk and a quarter of fresh fruit on your hair once a week can help. You can make it simple by using mayonnaise or beer in your kitchen, these products will moisturize your hair.

Give your scalp a massage about twice or three times a week to stimulate hair growth. Do not ever brush your hair when it is still wet and always use wide toothed comb, especially with curly hair. Don’t let your hair exposed to sun or any other sources of heat.

There are many hair care products in the market, however, shampoo and conditioner is the simplest products of all. Apply hair conditioner after using shampoo for the best result. You also should set schedule for hair cut. Last but not least, have a balanced diet with a lot of water to provide the moisture for hair.

As we know, healthy hair make you look younger and feel more confident, therefore, you should take good care of it. Follow the simple trick to avoid and prevent split ends or others hair problems.