Is the Drug Propecia the Cure for Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs when something stops it to grow. If the cause cannot be stop, hair won’t grow. Hair loss medication should be taken as soon as you notice the onset of hair. The drug of Propecia has proved to be effective for men with mild to moderate hair loss. Read on to learn more

Is the Drug Propecia the Cure for Hair Loss?

Study the Effect of The Drug of Propecia

The drug Propecia is designed for men with mild to moderate hair loss. To prove its effect, there are a study to compare propecia and placebo which is also hair loss drug. In the studies, they divided a group of men aging from 18 to 41 into two groups. One group took propecia daily for year, the other took placebo. At the end of the study, of the men who took propecia, 86% have great effect, either they stop shedding hair or their hair start to grow again, the rest have no effect at all.

Those Who Cannot Use This Hair Drug

The drug propecia has not been studied for old men or the one with complete baldness yet. Children cannot use this drug because its ingredient can prevent the development of male genitals. Because it has side effect to male fetus and it is proved ineffective to women, this medication is not prescription to women with hair loss either.

Side Effect of Propecia

Generally, propecia is a safe product for hair treatment though it is reported some complaints about the medication’s side effect includes: erection difficulties, reduced amount of semen, less sexual desire.

Fortunately, most men using this medication do not have any side effect, and this side effect is only temporary. As reported, the symptoms disappear when they stops taking medicine. In some case, there is no more side effects when they start using medication again.

The studies have been only conducted in about two years without any problem yet. Nevertheless, for another study which lasts for 32 years on men who are lack of the enzyme that propecia suppresses, 5-alpha reductase, the mechanism of Propecia is quite safe for long term use.

Taking Propecia Continuously to Prevent Hair Loss

The mechanism of propecia is to interrupt the the conversion process of testosterone to its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short) by effecting the enzyme catalyst, 5-alpha reductase, that is involved in the conversion process. It is proved that there are a high level of DHT at scalp where hair shed. The mechanism of propecia is to prevent new hair loss, and allow hair to re-grow. Once you stop using the medication, your hair will continue shedding. It is not the cure for hair loss.

The Effect of Propecia in Pregnancy

Propecia can influence the development of sex organ in a male fetus so pregnant women should stay away from it. If it is inevitable, use a glove, avoid any direct touch to the medication. Do not open the packet or touch the broken tablets. If it is unbroken, you can touch it because the harmful ingredient is sealed inside the tablets.

Unless being exposed to the active ingredient inside the tablets, pregnant women and baby won’t get any harm if their husband, father are taking propecia. Some men can have side effect from taking the drugs. The ingredients may reduce the amount of semen which is a problem for those who want to have a baby. Not everyone has side effect, and it is temporary. Check up if you concern about it.