Hair Loss: The Difference Between Advertisement and Reality

Healthy hair makes you look more beautiful and feel more confident. This message is very clear on every single shampoo and conditioner advertisement. You might familiar with the images of handsome men having healthy and fuzz-free and beautiful women with long and silky hair on screen. However, life is very different.

Hair Loss: The Difference Between Advertisement and Reality

Bad Hair Decrease the Grace to Your Beauty

Unlike perfect you see on the screen, both men and women have to face to many hair problems like dry and oily hair, dandruff, split ends, hair loss and even baldness in the real life.

Baldness is strictly mistaken for male disease for men only but there are a number of women suffering from it. Normally, baldness often has a greater impact on women than on men. Therefore, It’d better go to doctor when experiencing excessive hair loss.

Hereditary is rated to the premature of hair loss which can end up baldness eventually. Even without any family history about hair loss, a person can undergo this hair disorder due to side effect of a particular drug, an underlying disease or illness such as cancer, lupus, skin disease etc.

Fortunately, there are many hair loss treatments available nowadays, from surgery to non surgery. The first thing to do after noticing excessive hair shedding is to go to doctor. After diagnosing which cause of hair loss, doctor can consult you which is the most appropriate hair loss treatment.

How to Prevent and Cure Hair Loss

There are many types of hair loss treatments, from surgical to non surgical treatments like home remedies, natural remedies…. It depends on the actual cause for this disorder and how much you can afford.

How do those treatments work? Usually, most of hair loss treatments play the role of growth stimulator, which stimulate hair follicles to grow strong and healthier. However, the more effective way to prevent hair disorder is to inhibit a hormone that block the normal hair growth, DHT.

It might be worrying and serious but hair loss is curable once you choose the right treatments.